Most Excellent Arbiter Of Immaculate Justice

Most Excellent Arbiter of Immaculate Justice is a Claslati Soulsteel-caste Apostate, once assigned to protecting the metropolis of Tol alongside his assembly-mate, Force of Brutal Necessity. Having been infected by the Void, he slowly went insane, eventually sabotaging the city’s oil processing plants, causing mass destruction. After that, he fled into the Reaches.

He has since returned, taking the false identity of Citizen Haqq to sabotage a factory in Sector Eleven. Before escaping again, this time apparently to Harmegis, he left behind a message for his ex-partner, telling her to follow him.

In his undisguised shape, Arbiter appears as a tall, muscular man, still wearing the torn and dirty remnants of his old Regular uniform. His arms and half his faceare replaced by burned-looking machinery, rusted iron and ragged wires. His left eye burns a steady white, while the right one flickers on and off like a light bulb about to go out. In this shape, he suffers from a speech impediment that interjects his speech with “a sharp, mechanical sound, like an ungreased engine about to tear itself to pieces” (“kkkkkkkk”).

Arbiter possesses a Husk-Sculpting Apparatus, enabling him to assume any shape. He has also displayed superhuman strengths and intelligence, along with the ability to modify magitek apparatuses.

Most Excellent Arbiter Of Immaculate Justice

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