Citizen Haqq was the false identity assumed by the Apostate Most Excellent Arbiter Of Immaculate Justice during his stay in Tol Sector Eleven.

He appeared as a nondescript-looking young man, black-haired and narrow-faced, with a round, black soulgem. His (forged) record was similarly unremarkable, containing no deviance from the norm beyond some mild asocial tendencies. His fellow workers considered him somewhat surly and prone to morose silences.

During his time in Tol Sector Eleven, Haqq was befriended by a young woman named Jiqqa, to whom he expressed a number of extreme political opinions. The ones mentioned by Jiqqa when questioned was that the citizens of outlying towns should either be left to fend for themselves or integrated into the metropoli and patropoli, as they were too great a drain on resources in their current location; that the Surgeons were too slow to administer euthanasia to citizens too old or weak to work; and that the Soulsteel-castes were failing in their duty, as the Alchemical caste specifically designed to look to the greater good, by not pressing for such hard reforms.

In his off hours, Haqq ventured into the bad parts of Tol, interacting with the criminals there, such as Inuss, in search of items he needed for his plans as Most Excellent Arbiter Of Immaculate Justice. This way, he was able to get his hands on tools for advanced magitek work as well as a ticket for the Harmegis Express.


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